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Vegetation Management

Our Vegetation Management (Brushing) Program allows us to maintain the reliability of overhead transmission lines and minimize vegetation caused power outages.

Members provide Wild Rose REA the right to access the lands to carry out our Vegetation Management Program. We will make every effort to contact the land owner prior to carrying out any vegetation management.

The property owner is responsible for managing trees and vegetation in order to maintain proper clearances that may interfere with their secondary low voltage lines.

In preparation of construction on a new power line, we must clear trees and brush to the minimum clearances as shown in the diagram.  Trees should be cut to a flat stump no more than 10.0 cm (4") high. Clearing the right-of-way allows construction equipment to access the construction zone.

The drip line of a mature tree must be a minimum of 6 meters (20 feet) on both sides of the power line.  If trees or vegetation interfere with a power line or a transformer pole, trimming or complete removal of the trees or vegetation will be necessary. Underground power lines should be kept clear as well. Please avoid planting trees and vegetation on or near underground lines.

If you have any questions or if you see vegetation close to an overhead power line, please help us by calling our office @ 780-349-3655 during regular business hours or, the 24 Hour Emergency Call Center @ 1-877-749-3655 with the land location and details of the problem area along with contact information where you can be reached. 
With safety in mind, under no circumstances should you try to remove the vegetation yourself.

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