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report a power outage

If you experience a power outage and we have not contacted you, please first check your breaker to ensure it is in the “ON” position and then contact us at: 780-349-3655 during regular business hours 24-hour Emergency Call Center: 1-877-749-3655.

Please provide your name, legal land location, account number and phone numbers you can be reached at.

For information and updates on current outages, please view our Facebook Page. 

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types of outages

There are two types of power outages;


Planned Power Outages (PPO):


As part of our commitment to our members to improve our service, we conduct maintenance and upgrades to eliminate the potential for unplanned outages. We make every effort to contact our members at least two days in advance of a Planned Power Outage for the maintenance work or when new electrical service construction takes place.

Unplanned Power Outages:

Unplanned power outages are outages that are outside of the control of the Wild Rose and are caused from a variety of things as outlined below. 

Wild Rose has some of the fastest response times in the province. We strive to restore power as quickly as possible, however some situations are beyond our control when it comes to restoration of power with facilities not owned by Wild Rose.

Wild Rose operates in an intermingled service area in conjunction with other wire owners. Unfortunately, the response times of other wire owners are not held to the same standard as Wild Rose and crews often are not local to the service area and have to be dispatched from bigger central areas. 

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Other WIre ownes
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Have you checked your breaker .jpg
Have you checked your breaker .jpg

have you checked your breaker?

If you experience a power outage and we have not contacted you, please check your breaker at the transformer pole and confirmed that it is in the "ON" position.


If your breaker is in the "OFF" position, you may be able to restore power be simply resetting your breaker and positioning it back into the "ON" position.


If you have reset / checked your breaker and still have no power, please contact 1-877-749-3655. This emergency line is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Please provide your name, legal land location and phone numbers you can be reached at. Never assume that someone else will call your power outage in, as it may be an isolated issue.

Have you checked your breaker .jpg

causes of unplanned power outages

There are a number of causes for unplanned power outages, because of the diverse nature of electrical distribution systems, the following are examples including but not limited to:

—> Weather is a major cause of power outages; lighting, wind, freezing rain, snow, forest fires, and tree branches in contact with power lines can cause an outage.

—> Squirrels owls and other birds are very common causes for power outages when they make contact with our electrical distribution facilities. Additionally, a less know
cause of outages are beavers. Beavers can causes outages by taking down trees
near electrical distribution facilities and dropping those same trees directly onto
the powerline.

3.Human Interference
—> If electrical distribution facilities are hit and damaged as the result of a high load move, a motor vehicle accident or excavating, a power outage can occur.

Additionally, individuals must always be aware of overhead and underground lines as making contact can cause an outage and is extremely dangerous. Always be aware and ask yourself, 'Where's the Line' and be sure to click before you dig to locate underground utilities through Utility Safety Partners.

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