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always ask yourself...
where's the line?

click before you dig

If you are thinking of tackling a project around your yard such as planting a garden, planting trees, building a new deck or fence or completing any digging at all, please contact Utility Safety Partners (formerly known as click before you dig / Alberta One Call) ahead of starting.

Contact Utility Safety Partners to submit a line locate request. They require a minimum of 3 working days’ notice to process your request.

Upon receiving a locate request, we will locate the primary underground main power lines that go up to the meter free of charge.

Any secondary lines from the meter / transformer pole are the responsibility of the property owner. 

Use a shovel, not mechanical equipment when digging within one meter of a power line, the safest tool to use is a shovel with a curved blade. Do not use any mechanical tool. For example, never use a power auger to dig fence posts within one meter of the underground power line locate marks.   

We also recommend exposing the power line first. The ground could have shifted and moved the line slightly off from where the markings are. Once the power line is exposed you can see where they are and avoid hitting them when placing your fence posts or trees.

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