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HWY 44 North Bus and Swim receives $500 Award

A big congratulations to the HWY 44 North Bus and Swim that received a $500.00 Rural Roots Award at the April 19, 2023 Wild Rose Annual General Meeting!

Highway 44 North Bus and Swim is a program that began in Flatbush

over 40 years ago. It is parent organized, which allows children from

the rural communities of Flatbush, Fawcett, Jarvie and Dapp to be

bussed to Westlock for swimming lessons in the summer. Without this

program, many children would be unable to attend swimming lessons

at all and would miss out on this integral skill.

Pictured L to R: Wild Rose President Dave Hall, club member Wyatt Budgen and organizer, Sherri Budgen.

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