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Power Outages- Do You Know What to Do If the Power Goes Out?

Do you know what to do when the power goes out during a power outage?

1. Check you breaker at the transformer pole and confirm that it is in the "on" position. (Your breaker may have tripped and may just need to be set back into the "on" position.).

If your breaker is in the on position and you have no power, your meter should also be blank, which means you have no power.

2. Once you have confirmed that your breaker is on and you still have no power, ALWAYS call your power outage in. 1-877-749-3655.

Do not assume that someone else is also without power and has called it in already. We are not aware of your power outage until it is reported.

3. When calling our Emergency Call Center, you will be asked to confirm your name, phone number, legal land description. You will also be asked if you have checked your breaker to ensure that it is in the "on" position.

4. Crews will be dispatched to restore power.

If you have critical items that need to run in the event of a power outage, please visit for more information on how to prepare.

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