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Do You Know What to Do If the Power Goes Out?

There are a number of causes for unplanned power outages, because of the diverse nature of electrical distribution systems, the following are examples including but not limited to:

  1. Weather is a major cause of power outages; lighting, wind, freezing rain, snow, forest fires, and tree branches in contact with power lines can cause an outage.

  2. Wild Rose REA performs regular maintenance, however equipment failures do occur.

  3. If power equipment is hit and damaged as the result of a high load move, a motor vehicle accident or excavating, a power outage can occur.

  4. Landowners must always be aware of overhead and underground lines, making contact can cause an outage. Always be aware and ask yourself, 'Where's the Line' and be sure to call Alberta One Call at 1-800-242-3447 to locate underground facilities.

If you experience a power outage and we have not contacted you, please call us at, once you have checked your breaker and confirmed it is in the "ON" position:

  • 780-349-3655 during regular business hours

  • 24 hour Emergency Call Center: 1-877-749-3655

Please provide your name, legal land location, account number and phone numbers you can be reached at.

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