Fridge Gasket: Energy Saving Tips

Did you know....gaskets on your fridge deteriorate over time, and if the door doesn't seal properly, this can waste a lot of energy. The following, is instructions on how to see if your fridge is sealed properly.

  1. Place a piece of paper between the door and the refrigerator as you close it. If you can move the paper freely in the door, the fridge is not sealed tightly.

  2. You can also place a flashlight inside the fridge or freezer and turn it on, then close the door. If you can see light around the door gasket, it is not sealing properly.

  3. If you decide to replace the gasket, write down the make and model number of your refrigerator and measure the size of the door.

Once a faulty gasket is replaced, your fridge will no longer have to work twice as hard to keep the items in your fridge cold, as it won't be leaking cold air into your kitchen.

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