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Agricultural Power line Safety Tips

Always Ask Yourself... Where's The Line?
Please ensure you keep the following tips in mind when you are working in the fields, or around the farm:
  • Raising and lowering wings, booms or extensions: Be aware of nearby power lines. Extensions on equipment can reach as high as 7.9 meters. Also consider antennas that may be on top of equipment.

  • Moving equipment on your property: Call Wild Rose REA Ltd. before transporting any major equipment, even when moving from field to field on your farm or ranch. Wild Rose REA Ltd. will help you map out the various heights of each power line so that you can identify the potential trouble spots and plan ahead.

  • Ladders, poles and antennas: Keep all items away from power lines leading to the house or other buildings on the property.

  • Hay and grain piles, buildings and silos: Keep these seven meters away from power line.

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