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Energy Saving Tips- Hot Tubs

While hot tubs can be a great addition to your home or backyard, they consume a lot of energy to heat and circulate water. The following tips can help you reduce your hot tub's consumption this summer.

Put a lid on it: The same way you would prevent heat loss with a pot on the stove, keeping a lid on your hot tub while it is not in use, can help reduce excess heating costs,

Block the wind: When the wind passes over your hot tub, it will cool and even evaporate the water in your tub. This will require you to not only add more water but you will also spend more reheating it to keep it at the temperature you want it. Create a windbreak around your hot tub using privacy panels, fencing or even shrubs.

Adjust the temperature: Your hot tub doesn’t have to be set to the highest possible temperature for you to enjoy a nice warm and soothing soak, so why waste the money keeping the water at the hottest temperature? By turning the tub down a couple of degrees, you will lower your overall consumption.

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