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Happy Easter!

The Wild Rose REA office will be closed on Friday March 30, 2018 and Monday April 2, 2018.The office will reopen at 8:00 AM on Tuesday April 3, 2018.

Whether you’re hosting Easter dinner or traveling out of town – cut down on your energy costs with these helpful energy saving tips.

Ditch the oven: Like most people, you’re most likely cooking a ham for Easter dinner. A ham requires a lot of time in the oven and having your oven on all day will raise your energy bill. This year, try preparing the ham or even a turkey out on the grill!

Use the right pot size: When preparing side dishes on the stove top, be sure to use a pot or pan that is the proper size for the unit you’ll be using. Using a small pot on a large burner will require extra energy that’s not being utilized.

Let there be light: With the clocks set an hour ahead, it is lighter outside for longer. Opt for natural light by opening up or curtains or blinds and let the sun light up your home.

Activate your children: If the weather is nice, encourage the kids to get some fresh air and play outside – endless hours with the television and lights on can cause an increase to your bill. Should the weather not be so favorable, suggest they play some board or card games.

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