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Electronics USE Energy When Not In USE

Did you know that you currently have several items around your home that are using energy even when you are not directly using them?

Estimates say that approximately 25% of household consumption is attributed to electronic devices in stand-by or idle mode. This is commonly known as "Vampire power" when a device is off but is still using power.

Here are the areas in your house where you could be wasting energy:

  • Living Room: DVR, TV, game consoles, DVD/Blu-Ray player, stereo

  • Office: Laptop computer, router modem, desktop computer, printer, scanner, speakers

  • Kitchen: Microwave, coffee maker, water cooler

  • Around the Home: Alarm clocks, air conditioners, cellphone chargers, tablet charger, tool chargers, battery chargers

When you aren't using the above items, where you can, unplug them to reduce your energy consumption and to cut down on vampire power usage.

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