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Emergency Tips

Emergency Tips- If equipment or vehicle has contacted a power line:
  • Operators: Stay in the equipment or vehicle.

  • If the equipment or vehicle is still running and it's safe to do so, move it out of contact with the power line and at least 10 metres away, then park/shut down.

  • If the equipment or vehicle is immobilized, remain inside and instruct others to stay back at least 10 metres.

  • Workers in other equipment or vehicles or on the ground should stay 10 metres away from the incident site.

  • Call Emergency Services (911) and the REA for assistance (1-877-749-3655).

  • All workers should stay at the scene in a safe area and wait for emergency services and the power company to arrive.

  • Stop all work until the situation is checked out and you are instructed it is safe to begin working again.

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