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Power Line Contact - Emergency Tips

Emergency Tips

If equipment or vehicle has contacted a power line:
  • Operators: Stay in the equipment or vehicle.

  • If the equipment or vehicle is still running and it's safe to do so, move it out of contact with the power line and at least 10 metres away, then park/shut down.

  • If the equipment or vehicle is immobilized, remain inside and instruct others to stay back at least 10 metres.

  • Workers in other equipment or vehicles or on the ground should stay 10 metres away from the incident site.

  • Call Emergency Services (911) and the REA for assistance (1-877-749-3655).

  • All workers should stay at the scene in a safe area and wait for emergency services and the power company to arrive.

  • Stop all work until the situation is checked out and you are instructed it is safe to begin working again.

If the equipment or vehicle needs to be abandoned (catches fire):
  • Only attempt this if it is no longer safe to remain in the vehicle.

  • Exit equipment or vehicle without touching the outside of it and the ground at the same time. Jump clear, but keep both feet together upon landing. Crouching will help you keep your balance.

  • With feet together, slowly shuffle, with both feet on the ground at all times, at least 10 metres away from vehicle.

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