June 28, 2019

The Wild Rose REA office will be closed on Monday July 1, 2019 for Canada Day. 
The office will reopen on Tuesday July 2, 2019 at 8:00 AM.

Have a safe and fun Canada Day! 

June 26, 2019

 While watering your garden helps bring it to life, some energy and water can be wasted in the process. Although the garden may be producing more regarding harvest, using energy-efficient pumps and taking on smart landscaping design can help save energy.

Following respo...

June 25, 2019

The following tips can help reduce your overall consumption around your home.. 

1. Turn off the Lights: An easy way to conserve energy and reduce your overall consumption is to turn the lights off when you leave a room. Every little bit of energy consciousness counts! 


June 24, 2019

Keep the following tips in mind, to possibly reduce your overall kitchen consumption. 

Be efficient with refrigeration:

Keep your fridge and freezer at their ideal temperature. For your fridge this is between 2°C and 3°C and your freezer should be at -18°C.

Unplug your se...

June 21, 2019

We have all been patiently waiting for summer, and we are glad it is officially here! 

With summer, comes the long warm days, and the need for AC in your home.

  • Did you know that if you run your AC during the day as required, but take advantage of the cooler even...

June 20, 2019

Keep the following tips in mind the next time you have a load of laundry to wash.

Wash full loads:

Your washing machine will use the same amount of water regardless if you fill the machine with clothes or not. Take advantage of the fact that the machine is already runni...

June 19, 2019

Did you know you and your equipment MUST stay a minimum of 7 METERS away from overhead power lines when parked or operating equipment.

The operator of overhead power lines or communication lines shall ensure that the lines are installed and maintained to permit the...

June 18, 2019

If the total height of your load on an unpaved road exceeds 4.2 meters, or 5.3 meters on a numbered highway or paved road, it is considered a high load.

Please contact Wild Rose REA Ltd. to arrange the escort of the load through a planned route within the REA serv...

June 17, 2019

Have you recently sold your property or purchased one in the Wild Rose REA Ltd. service area? 

Please notify our office at 780-349-3655 or email billing@wildroserea.com with your moving details a minimum of five (5) business days prior to your move to ensure a smooth t...

June 16, 2019

Wishing a very Happy Father's Day to all of the amazing Fathers out there! 

"A Father is someone you look up to, no matter how tall you grow."

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