Happy Easter!

The Wild Rose REA office will be closed on Friday March 30, 2018 and Monday April 2, 2018.The office will reopen at 8:00 AM on Tuesday April 3, 2018. Whether you’re hosting Easter dinner or traveling out of town – cut down on your energy costs with these helpful energy saving tips. Ditch the oven: Like most people, you’re most likely cooking a ham for Easter dinner. A ham requires a lot of time in the oven and having your oven on all day will raise your energy bill. This year, try preparing the ham or even a turkey out on the grill! Use the right pot size: When preparing side dishes on the stove top, be sure to use a pot or pan that is the proper size for the unit you’ll be using. Using a

EPO- March 29, 2018 Jarvie Area

Please note that there is currently an Emergency Power Outage affecting Members in the Jarvie area between 4:45 PM and 6:00 PM within the following LSD's: 63-26 & 63-27.

Easter Office Hours

Happy Easter! The Wild Rose REA office will be closed on Friday March 30, 2018 and Monday April 2, 2018. The office will reopen at 8:00 AM on Tuesday April 3, 2018. Fun Fact: The tallest chocolate Easter egg ever was made in Italy in 2011. At 10.39 meters in height and 7,200 kg in weight, it was taller than a giraffe and heavier than an elephant!

Electronics USE Energy When Not In USE

Did you know that you currently have several items around your home that are using energy even when you are not directly using them? Estimates say that approximately 25% of household consumption is attributed to electronic devices in stand-by or idle mode. This is commonly known as "Vampire power" when a device is off but is still using power. Here are the areas in your house where you could be wasting energy: Living Room: DVR, TV, game consoles, DVD/Blu-Ray player, stereo Office: Laptop computer, router modem, desktop computer, printer, scanner, speakers Kitchen: Microwave, coffee maker, water cooler Around the Home: Alarm clocks, air conditioners, cellphone chargers, tablet charger, tool

Tree Planting Reminders

Spring brings sunshine, warmer weather and the time to plant new trees on your property once the frost is out of the ground. If you plan on planting trees this spring on your farm or acreage, please keep the following things in mind! The drip line of a mature tree must be a minimum of 6 meters (20 feet) away on both sides of the power line. If trees or vegetation interfere with a power line or a transformer pole, trimming or complete removal of the trees or vegetation will be necessary. Underground power lines should be kept clear as well. Please avoid planting trees and vegetation on or near underground lines. Click before you dig a hole for your tree Contact Alberta One Call www.albertaone

Snowfall Warning- Westlock and Barrhead Area

Please note that The Weather Network has issued a Snowfall Warning for Westlock, Barrhead and surrounding areas. Snowfall, with total amounts of 10 to 15 cm is expected. A low pressure system tracking into the province will bring 10 to 15 centimeters of snow to portions of central and northern Alberta. The snow will begin over west central regions this afternoon and gradually spread northeastward through the overnight hours and through the day on Friday. Over eastern and central areas of the province, strong winds with gusts to 70 km/h may cause some localized blowing snow and drifting snow in exposed areas.There is still some uncertainty as to how much snow will accumulate in and around the

Storm Watch- Westlock and Barrhead Area

Please note that The Weather Network has issued a Winter Storm Watch for Westlock, Barrhead and surrounding areas. **Significant snow and strong winds giving occasional blowing snow are expected Thursday evening into Friday.** A low pressure system will move into central Alberta Thursday evening bringing heavy snow and strong winds to western and central parts of the province. Current indications suggest the heaviest snow will fall in an area that extends from Peace River southwards to Grande Prairie and then eastwards into the Whitecourt and Barrhead regions where 10 to 20 cm of snow is possible by Friday evening. In addition, strong easterly winds, with gusts upwards of 60 km/h, will acc

Energy Saving Tips: Switch to LED

Did you know that LED light bulbs use on average use 50% less energy than a traditional incandescent bulb? Also, on average an incandescent bulb lasts for 1,000 hours, as opposed to an LED which can last up to 25,000 hours without having to be replaced. This means that not only will you save energy by switching to LED bulbs, you will also save money in bulb replacement costs. Switch your incandescent bulbs to LED today and start to see your savings ADD up!

SPRING is Finally HERE!

SPRING is finally HERE! March 20, 2018 marks the first day of spring. Take advantage of the extra sunshine. During daylight hours, switch off artificial lights and use windows and skylights to brighten your home.

GenerLink- Not Just For Winter!

Did you know that a GenerLink can be useful to you and your family year round, and not just in the winter! SPRING is a great time to consider installing back-up power methods. GenerLink is a product that makes connecting a generator easy and safe while providing homeowners the opportunity to run critical items in their homes during a power outage. GenerLink eliminates the hassles of running multiple extension cords, or hiring an electrician to install a transfer switch. The device detects when a generator is operating and automatically disconnects from the utility grid, eliminating dangerous back feed. It is a five-inch device that is easily installed behind a customer’s electric meter by WR

Duct Tape Is Not for DRAFTS

Duct tape is handy for a lot of things, but is not meant to effectively fix drafts. Researchers believe the adhesive is why duct tape fails as a sealant. When heating systems reach certain heats, the glue holding duct tape causes the tape to fall off leaving areas vulnerable to energy waste. Fix your drafts with caulking, weather stripping and or insulation and save your duct tape for other projects!

Save Energy in the Kitchen

The following tips can come in handy when cooking with your oven in the kitchen! • When baking cookies (or anything in batches), make sure the next batch is ready to put into the oven when you pull a batch out so you're not wasting energy with a hot, empty oven. The same thought goes for preheating your oven; make sure your food is ready to go in when the oven is ready so it's not sitting there hot with nothing in it. • Many foods that need a long time to cook can go into the oven before it is fully preheated, such as a casserole or roasting vegetables. This saves a little time and energy. • Use the oven light to see how your food is doing rather than repeatedly opening the door. Every time

Spring is Almost Here!

Although at times it may not feel like it, SPRING is right around the corner! It is the perfect time to think ahead to the warmer weather and how you can prepare. Follow the below tips to save energy as we SPRING forward! Switch the direction of your ceiling fan. In the winter, your ceiling fans should be rotating clockwise on low speed to distribute the rising warm air around the room. In the spring, the fan should turn counter-clockwise to force air down into the room to help cool its occupants. Clean off your refrigerator coils. As the weather warms and your pets start to shed, more hair will collect on the coils making the refrigerator work harder. A long-handled brush is perfect for cle

Happy International Women's Day

March 8, 2018 marks International Women's Day. This years theme is Press for Progress. To learn more about international women's day and how you can participate, please visit the following link.

Appliance Consumption Calculator

Have you ever wondered how much power an appliance in your home really uses? By using this simple formula, you can calculate the approximate consumption of any appliance. Watts / 1000 x Hours x Days in Month= kWh Example: 1500 / 1000 x 24 x 31 = 1116 kWh

72 Hours, Are You Prepared?

If an emergency happens in your community, it may take emergency workers some time to reach you. You should be prepared to take care of yourself and your family for a minimum of 72 hours. To learn how to be prepared for a range of emergencies, please see the following link for more detailed information. Get Prepared

DRAFTS In Your Home

Did you know that drafts are one of the biggest causes of wasted energy in your home, and getting rid of them can reduce your overall consumption? The below methods can help identify pesky drafts in your home: Shut all windows, exterior doors, and fireplace flues, but leave all interior doors open. Turn on all exhaust fans that blow air outside, i.e. your clothes dryer, bathroom fans, or stove vents. Light an incense stick and pass it around the edges of common leak sites (electrical outlets, switch plates, door/window frames, attic hatches, vents, and pretty much anywhere else where two different materials meet). Wherever the smoke wavers or is sucked out of or blown into the room, there is