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Services Provided

If you are planning one of the following, please contact Member Services at 780-349-3655 for detailed information.

Select from the following options for detailed information:

New Service

Capacity Decrease Request

Capacity Increase Request

Idle Service

Salvage Service

Capacity Decrease Request

An REA Member may request a decrease to the breaker size for an existing service. Wild Rose REA will proceed with the decrease of capacity at the REA's cost. With the stipulation (as per our policy) that if a request to increase the capacity is within one year from the time of decrease, the cost of the increase will be remitted by the member. All decreases to capacity are subject to a load test. 

This service will be charged the applicable breaker size rate pursuant to the current Wild Rose REA tariff.

Please print and submit the Capacity Decrease Request form to our office.

New Service
Capacity Decrease
Capacity Increase

New Service

If you live in the Wild Rose REA service area and you want to establish a new service on a farm, an acreage or a rural subdivision, please contact our office at 780-349-3655 during regular business hours for detailed information. The following are the steps involved in the design and installation of a new electric service.

1. New Service Quote:

  •  all potential member information is gathered

  •  an REA representative will conduct a site meeting (subject to a monetary fee)

  •  preliminary design and quote is sent to perspective Member

 2. Member acceptance:

    •  Member reviews quote, approves and makes payment as  required 

 3. Design:

    •  design is completed 

    •  approvals are obtained

    •  survey is completed

    •  materials are ordered where required

 4. External permits and approval (If Applicable):

    •  Municipal approval

    •  electrical permit

    •  approvals from affected utilities

    •  pipeline approvals

    •  railway crossings

    •  notification of possible outages during construction

    •  Alberta Transportation approval

 5. Construction: 

    •  project construction is scheduled

    •  Alberta One Call completed

    •  construction completed

 6. Customer to request service connection to active or idle.

 7. Meter connected: 

    •  REA lineman will inspect the installation and connect the secondary service

    •  REA installs the meter

Capacity Increase Request

An REA Member may request an increase to a breaker size for an existing service. All increases to capacity are subject to the results of a load test. Please contact the REA office at 780-349-3655 during regular business hours for detailed information.

Idle Service

Idle Service Request

An REA Member may request an active service be de-energized. De-energized means you will have your service changed to an Idle Service.

For an Idle Service, the meter is removed and power is no longer delivered to that location. Wild Rose REA continues to maintain the lines, poles and other equipment at the location. An Idle Service Charge will apply during the period of Idle Service. With the service remaining in place, the Member may request the service be energized in the future.

Please print and submit the Request for Idle Service form to our office. 

Please note, charges are applicable.


If a Member no longer requires the service, the Member may request a Salvage.  The salvage of a service is the complete removal of all poles, the transformer and wire belonging to the REA. If the property owner requests a service be rebuilt at the same location, the owner will be responsible for the costs associated with the construction of a new service.

Please print and submit the Request for Salvage form to our office.

Submit Forms

fax:  780-349-3659

mail:  Wild Rose REA Ltd

           Box 5150

           Westlock, AB

           T7P 2P4


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